DNS servers in Mexico

Find the best DNS servers in Mexico ordered by highest availability.

This Mexico DNS server list was last updated in April, 2021.

IP rDNS Location Status Reliability DNSSec
Ip Address dns-cache-gdl.alestra.net.mx. Location Mexico City Status Reliability 99.164054336468% DNSSec
Ip Address env2.b-enlinea.mx. Location Monterrey Status Reliability 98.991172761665% DNSSec
Ip Address ns.marcatel.com.mx. Location Status Reliability 98.641588296761% DNSSec
Ip Address dns-cache-mty1.alestra.net.mx. Location Chihuahua City Status Reliability 96.602972399151% DNSSec
Ip Address static.customer-201-144-40-139.uninet-ide.com.mx. Location Tlaquepaque Status Reliability 94.141145139814% DNSSec
Ip Address nsuqroo.uqroo.mx. Location Status Reliability 93.75% DNSSec
Ip Address dns2.telumasp.net. Location Monterrey Status Reliability 93.312101910828% DNSSec
Ip Address customer-187-157-46-210-sta.uninet-ide.com.mx. Location Puebla City Status Reliability 92.307692307692% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Cuernavaca Status Reliability 92.163009404389% DNSSec
Ip Address ipmmail01.ipmaltamira.com.mx. Location Tampico Status Reliability 91.003460207612% DNSSec
Ip Address customer-187-141-85-108-sta.uninet-ide.com.mx. Location Mérida Status Reliability 90.77868852459% DNSSec
Ip Address dns1.bestel.com.mx. Location Alvaro Obregon Status Reliability 85.266457680251% DNSSec
Ip Address dns2.bestel.com.mx. Location Alvaro Obregon Status Reliability 79.738562091503% DNSSec
Ip Address static.customer-201-144-54-2.uninet-ide.com.mx. Location Tepatitlán de Morelos Status Reliability 75.308641975309% DNSSec
Ip Address static.customer-201-144-183-147.uninet-ide.com.mx. Location San Nicolás de los Garza Status Reliability 56.495468277946% DNSSec
Ip Address customer-201-134-115-36.uninet-ide.com.mx. Location Guanajuato City Status Reliability 51.551724137931% DNSSec
Ip Address fixed-187-188-112-16.totalplay.net. Location Mexico City Status Reliability 44.273504273504% DNSSec
Ip Address 201-174-34-194.transtelco.net. Location Status Reliability 42.138866719872% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Status Reliability 3.9007092198582% DNSSec

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