List of World Wide Free DNS Servers

ISPs on every country in the world have a pair, two pair or more DNS servers, which are used and assigned at your home or office router when you connect to the Internet.

Most of the time they work well... but sometimes they have dns resolution problems, and that's when you can choose to use other alternative DNS servers.

Here we've built a full list of free DNS servers so you can choose to replace the original ones configured by your ISP, and replace them to have better browsing speed.

This full list includes the best IPv4 and IPv6 public dns in the world, ordered by reability and security, with more than 10k Nameservers from 60 different countries.

You will find many different DNS servers like famous Google DNS Servers, along with OpenDNS, and many other popular dns resolvers.

Public DNS Servers by country

This free DNS servers list was last updated on October 01, 2017 .

That's it, there you have the full list of primary and secondary dns servers from the top Internet traffic countries in the world.

What is a public DNS server?

A public DNS server is a pair of IP addresses that belong to a free dns servers that can be accessed by everybody in the world. Unlike private DNS, public DNS are good for everyone who need a pair of domain name servers to replace their default dns server configuration.

Primary DNS Servers & Secondary DNS

This public dns list includes the primary DNS servers, which are often called "main DNS servers", and secondary DNS servers are also known as "alternative" dns servers. They are there to be used together, and never alone each one by their side, as it one fails, the other will take place to serve your existing dns queries.

DNS servers are known by many names, NS Servers, DNS Servers, dns ip addresses, private dns servers, etc, however, they are all the same, and they all will give you the same results.

Why should I change my current DNS Servers?

Your current DNS servers were probably assigned by your ISP, they all do it when you purchase your monthly internet connection service. This DNS servers are set in your local router or modem configuration. There a a few situations when you may need to change dns servers.

DNS Server not responding

This is the main reason on why you may think about switching dns servers on your local PC or network. Sometimes when you are facing negative caching issues, or not resolving websites and hosts as it should, a good idea is to change your DNS servers for one public free DNS server as the ones listed before.

But not only when you have problems you must change your local network DNS, it can also help you to improve website speed times. For example, most local DNS assigned by ISPs will never be as safe and fast as Google DNS servers, because of their anycast dns network.

Another reason to use other DNS servers from 3rd party companies and ISPs is to prevent your current ISP from taking full control of your web activity, as you will resolve using their DNS servers, and they can log any query you made.

On certain countries, using third party dns public servers is also useful to prevent website blocks as it happens in China, Siria, Iran, Venezuela and other countries were Internet goverment controls are very strict.

While the listed free dns servers are from different providers, you will have different levels of quality in their service.

We try to order the list by the best, fast and secure DNS, but you can choose as you like from very high quality dns providres like Google, OpenDNS, ATT, DNS.Watch, OpenNIC, FreeDNS, Verizon, Hurricane Electric, Norton ConnectSafe, UncesoredDNS, GreenTeamDNS, among many others.

What is the best DNS server to use?

There are so many dns providers, how can I choose the bests for me? What are their IP addresses, let's find out the answers to this questions.

Google Public DNS

Google's DNS are probably the #1 free dns servers on the planet, their IP address are as follows: and

Google DNS Service also has ipv6 support, but they are not widely used as ipv4 addresses.

Google uses as primary dns server, and a backup server with address as an alternative dns server for high availability at all times.

By using Google Public DNS you can expect speed at all times, as well as security above all thanks to their DNSSEC protection.

You can read more about Google from here: Google DNS

Norton ConnectSafe DNS

Norton DNS is THE authority when we talk about dns security, as they have tremendous experience in the security field thanks to their security oriented products, you can expect more than fast DNS, but also security above all things.

Norton ConnectSafe DNS are as follows: and as backup dns.

ConnectSafe service can also help users to protect them from malware and phising while browsing the internet.


OpenDNS is another really good dns provider, their primary IP address is and the alterantive / secondary DNS server is, both are super secure and after Google DNS, the fastest we've tested so far.

It's a very popular dns service provider, and their numbers don't lie: 80 billion daily DNS requests processed and still growing.


DNS.Watch uses primary IP and secondary dns

DNS.Watch was founded to fight net controls from goverments, that's why they provide back DNS service 100% approved for net neutraility followers.

It's compatible and works perfectly for any kind of systems like MacOS from Apple, Microsoft Windows, and any Linux distribution.

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo DNS services works pretty much like Google's Free DNS, just change your current DNS with the new ones and that's all, you will be resolving dns queries much faster and safer than before.

Comodo Primary DNS Ip address is and the HA backup server is

Their anycast dns network will significantly improve your dns query experience, as well as it will boost your website access times.

Comodo also offers protection against phising, spyware, malware and other common internet threats.

VeriSign Public DNS

VeriSign public DNS service uses IPs and While it is not one of the most popular dns around, it works pretty well in all situations, and can be an excellent alternative to Google DNS or OpenDNS services.

How does DNS server affect speed?

Speed can be dramatically increased if you use fast anycast dns servers, like the ones we recommended before, for example Google DNS and OpenDNS are one of the best examples of two great dns service providers who can make a real difference in dns resolutin speeds while you request information from the Internet.