DNS servers in Sweden

Find the best DNS servers in Sweden ordered by highest availability.

This Sweden DNS server list was last updated in October, 2020.

IP rDNS Location Status Reliability DNSSec
Ip Address ns1.atea.se. Location Status Reliability 100% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Status Reliability 100% DNSSec
Ip Address dns.tankbar.com. Location Norrköping Status Reliability 99.334811529933% DNSSec
Ip Address 46-246-29-69-static.glesys.net. Location Status Reliability 98.970519419747% DNSSec
Ip Address dns.tankbar.com. Location Norrköping Status Reliability 98.350515463918% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Status Reliability 98.081023454158% DNSSec
Ip Address 214.ftthockelbo1.gavlenet.com. Location Ockelbo Status Reliability 96.969696969697% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Arvika Status Reliability 95.348837209302% DNSSec
Ip Address h87-96-144-179.cust.a3fiber.se. Location Uppsala Status Reliability 93.27485380117% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Lidingoe Status Reliability 91.545189504373% DNSSec
Ip Address h146-247-80-144.cust.a3fiber.se. Location Storvreta Status Reliability 91.038696537678% DNSSec
Ip Address vpn.at.xsusenet.com. Location Status Reliability 90.692124105012% DNSSec
Ip Address 89-160-9-203.cust.bredband2.com. Location Vaxjo Status Reliability 89.950980392157% DNSSec
Ip Address 83-233-135-188.cust.bredband2.com. Location Enebyberg Status Reliability 88.62660944206% DNSSec
Ip Address a076.broadband3.quicknet.se. Location Västerås Status Reliability 87.420042643923% DNSSec
Ip Address h-62-63-194-114.NA.cust.bahnhof.se. Location Trosa Status Reliability 82.666666666667% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Solna Status Reliability 82.481751824818% DNSSec
Ip Address h109-225-91-208.cust.a3fiber.se. Location Stockholm Status Reliability 81.927710843373% DNSSec
Ip Address 94-255-146-44.cust.bredband2.com. Location Umeå Status Reliability 58.928571428571% DNSSec
Ip Address 89-160-53-228.cust.bredband2.com. Location Karlskrona Status Reliability 57.458563535912% DNSSec
Ip Address h95-155-226-229.cust.a3fiber.se. Location Skellefteå Status Reliability 50.980392156863% DNSSec
Ip Address h94-245-40-116.cust.a3fiber.se. Location Taernaby Status Reliability 44.742268041237% DNSSec
Ip Address ip148.liwalls.riksnet.nu. Location Umeå Status Reliability 44.332493702771% DNSSec
Ip Address 89-233-195-247.cust.bredband2.com. Location Uppsala Status Reliability 29.045643153527% DNSSec
Ip Address h-12-212.A165.priv.bahnhof.se. Location Sollentuna Status Reliability 28.850855745721% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Status Reliability 12.857142857143% DNSSec
Ip Address host-85-30-142-170.sydskane.nu. Location Simrishamn Status Reliability 12.028301886792% DNSSec

Do you know any other Sweden DNS servers that we are not aware of? Please let us know.