DNS Articles

DNS TTL explained

If you have ever worked on a DNS system, then you have probably come across the letters TTL more than a few times. This is the acronym of a mechanism that the DNS uses to make sure that the users will get the most updated results when a DNS query is run. Today we are Read More

SPF Record Example

One of the most important records that we need to set up to make sure that our emails will be delivered fine is the SPF record. This a kind of DNS record widely used, in fact, all the websites that have their own email accounts need to use a record like this, otherwise, their email Read More

What is a Resolving Name Server?

A resolving name server is one of the most important things you need on any computer. They are the ones in charge of querying and finding information from the root servers, authoritative NS, as well as domain names.  A resolving name server can be helpful for certain tasks like setting up a VPN, a dial-up system, an Read More

DNS Zone

Have you ever heard about DNS zones? If you have been in the hosting world for some time, then you probably have, but it is ok if you didn’t hear about this term. In a DNS system, we can find different domain names that have DNS settings of their own. These settings are what we Read More

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System, or simply DNS, is a naming system used by different devices connected to the Internet. It allows users to connect to different websites using names, for example, google.com. If we didn’t have a Domain Name System, we would need to access websites using IPs, which would be very inconvenient and probably a Read More

Differences between the A and CNAME records

The A records are, together with the CNAME records, the most used ways to point any hostname to a specific IP address or more. While they share a similar function, there are a few differences between them that are important to know. Let’s take a look at this then. First off, an A record is Read More

DNS Records

The following is a list of some of the most common or most used kinds of DNS Records out there. Nowadays there are around 40 active types of records in the DNS system (and around 35 are not used anymore), but only the main ones will be listed here. Type of DNS records There are Read More

Name Servers

The Name Servers are a key part of the DNS system because they can be used to point the traffic of our domain to a specific hosting provider or server. You can find the Name Servers also written as Nameservers, or DNS Servers, and it’s fine, they refer to the same so feel free to Read More

Troubleshooting Domain Resolution Issues

There’s a lot of different tools and ways that will help you while troubleshooting domain resolution issues, so let’s take a look at some of them. Check that your domain is using the right Name Servers It may sound silly, but a lot of people that complain about their domain not working properly when they Read More