DNS servers in Argentina

Find the best DNS servers in Argentina ordered by highest availability.

This Argentina DNS server list was last updated in November, 2020.

IP rDNS Location Status Reliability DNSSec
Ip Address host194.200.110.130.ifxnw.com.ar. Location Buenos Aires Status Reliability 99.831365935919% DNSSec
Ip Address host43.200-45-184.telecom.net.ar. Location Toledo Status Reliability 98.214285714286% DNSSec
Ip Address mxdns.agrintel.com.ar. Location San Miguel Status Reliability 96.949152542373% DNSSec
Ip Address 86.cxxviii.static.eternet.cc. Location Bahía Blanca Status Reliability 96% DNSSec
Ip Address 222-182-100-131.patagoniagreen.com. Location Rivadavia Status Reliability 94.074074074074% DNSSec
Ip Address 251-201-254-17.speedy.com.ar. Location Status Reliability 93.953488372093% DNSSec
Ip Address gw5209.nubenet.com.ar. Location Rosario Status Reliability 88.725490196078% DNSSec
Ip Address inalambrico202-236-centenario.neunet.com.ar. Location Villa Regina Status Reliability 85.340314136126% DNSSec
Ip Address host114.181-14-195.telecom.net.ar. Location Paraná Status Reliability 82.857142857143% DNSSec
Ip Address nubesrv05.nubenet.com.ar. Location Rosario Status Reliability 77.685950413223% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Corrientes Status Reliability 70.552147239264% DNSSec
Ip Address dns.interonda.com.ar. Location Salto Status Reliability 64.516129032258% DNSSec
Ip Address sucs15.suc.rec.uba.ar. Location Caseros Status Reliability 53.333333333333% DNSSec
Ip Address mikrofatu.uncoma.edu.ar. Location Neuquén Status Reliability 50% DNSSec
Ip Address host186.181-14-245.telecom.net.ar. Location Victoria Status Reliability 50% DNSSec
Ip Address 186-56-59-251.mrse.com.ar. Location Status Reliability 50% DNSSec
Ip Address host195.200.110.130.ifxnw.com.ar. Location Buenos Aires Status Reliability 50% DNSSec
Ip Address host126.advance.com.ar. Location Jose Maria Ezeiza Status Reliability 35.78431372549% DNSSec

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