DNS servers in Italy

Find the best DNS servers in Italy ordered by highest availability.

This Italy DNS server list was last updated in April, 2021.

IP rDNS Location Status Reliability DNSSec
Ip Address Location Milan Status Reliability 100% DNSSec
Ip Address secondary.netscalibur.it. Location Status Reliability 100% DNSSec
Ip Address mail.conadfo.it. Location Cesenatico Status Reliability 100% DNSSec
Ip Address dns1.kpnqwest.it. Location San Giuliano Milanese Status Reliability 100% DNSSec
Ip Address ns4.eutelia.it. Location Rome Status Reliability 100% DNSSec
Ip Address ns2.aconet.it. Location Status Reliability 99.803536345776% DNSSec
Ip Address 83-103-61-107.ip.fastwebnet.it. Location Turin Status Reliability 99.326599326599% DNSSec
Ip Address 88-149-193-46.v4.ngi.it. Location Milan Status Reliability 98.979591836735% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Status Reliability 98.360655737705% DNSSec
Ip Address 83-103-36-213.ip.fastwebnet.it. Location Rho Status Reliability 97.777777777778% DNSSec
Ip Address dns2.kpnqwest.it. Location Giussano Status Reliability 96.949152542373% DNSSec
Ip Address ns2.rpengineering.it. Location Pontecagnano Status Reliability 95.483870967742% DNSSec
Ip Address captive-gw.as48500.net. Location Montoro Inferiore Status Reliability 94.486044928523% DNSSec
Ip Address ns1.media.it. Location Putignano Status Reliability 92.307692307692% DNSSec
Ip Address mail.abeaform.it. Location Milan Status Reliability 89.958158995816% DNSSec
Ip Address host-81-116-141-156.business.telecomitalia.it. Location Status Reliability 85.714285714286% DNSSec
Ip Address ns2.infracom.it. Location Marano Vicentino Status Reliability 81.619256017505% DNSSec
Ip Address server6-professional-consulting-group.it.net. Location Ravenna Status Reliability 81.25% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Magione Status Reliability 80.824742268041% DNSSec
Ip Address 93-63-229-132.ip29.fastwebnet.it. Location Rome Status Reliability 80% DNSSec
Ip Address 78-7-251-131-static.albacom.net. Location Status Reliability 77.992277992278% DNSSec
Ip Address 85-18-246-73.ip.fastwebnet.it. Location Rome Status Reliability 74.871794871795% DNSSec
Ip Address ip98-12.quipo.net. Location Ortona Status Reliability 74.582338902148% DNSSec
Ip Address 93-62-200-35.ip24.fastwebnet.it. Location Padova Status Reliability 70.833333333333% DNSSec
Ip Address 85-18-52-172.ip.fastwebnet.it. Location Milan Status Reliability 65.957446808511% DNSSec
Ip Address Location Modena Status Reliability 50% DNSSec
Ip Address dns.info-ser.it. Location Livorno Status Reliability 50% DNSSec
Ip Address host-62-86-183-222.business.telecomitalia.it. Location Milazzo Status Reliability 50% DNSSec
Ip Address host-88-59-65-19.business.telecomitalia.it. Location Status Reliability 46.182266009852% DNSSec
Ip Address dns.fixingup.world. Location Castiglione Status Reliability 25.647668393782% DNSSec

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